TOPNOTTCH SOFTTSOL takes responsibility for the entire operation on a project or supplements in-house recruitment capabilities. From primary candidate contact all the way to negotiating with a new hire, our recruiters offer vital support to hiring managers and HR business partners.

What we do?

Your off-site recruiter will fulfill for you

  • Job Posting on major job sites.
  • Research to locate logical talent pool.
  • Check existing database for leads.
  • Source to narrow research results.
  • Qualify candidates by initial telephone interviews against the necessary job essentials.
  • Send resume and Pre-Qualification Form to your representative via email.
  • Weekly status reports on number of candidates submitted and feedback/status.
  • We have a big pool of experienced and highly trained recruiters. Depending upon the amount of work you have, you can choose to hire 1 or more recruiters.

Key Benefits:

  • No payroll expense, office space to accommodate the recruiter.
  • Resumes received will be scrutinized; (personal contact and information verification by the recruiter).
  • We employ the recruiters with full benefits and compensation saving you the cost of another employee. Our recruiter becomes active member of your team!
  • Save even more money by reducing the need to hire, train, develop and maintain a highly skilled Internet Recruiting Staff.