TOPNOTTCH’s IT consulting services assist corporate houses to ensure that their Information Technology is prepared and adapted to the new external business requirements and market demands, and the service of IT preparedness is delivered in the conducive model to effectively suit the business requirements and in-line with the corporate business objectives. .

We work with the key IT stake holders, assess the existing IT environment, look through the requirements, deliver solution insights and make time tested and custom advice that strengthens the decision-making proves with the corporate business outlook.

As a proven IT Consultancy provider we offer following services:

  • IT Advisory
  • Technical expertise
  • Business strategies
  • Capacity planning
  • Communication means
  • Project Management
  • Business Management
  • Delivery Management

We will help corporate to examine the critical success factors in a business and reflect on the trends and driving forces that impact an organization. We will analyze the organization and stakeholders for their business needs, both current and future. As a result, you will identify the areas that need to change for better results. Our approach is based on the following principles:

This approach typically requires three phases:


Consult with key managers in conducting the necessary preliminary research, solicit support for our preparations, and design the actual session.


Facilitate the session to ensure clear focus and to meet goals. This phase requires a one-day meeting of the involved management team.


Provide additional consultation if requested.