TOPNOTCH Payroll management system is a proven application that has been effectively catering to the corporate payroll requirements, integrated to the corporate IT infrastructure, applications flexible architecture enables the solution to be integrated with the third party infrastructures to be managed centrally.

 The high Level objectives behind the payroll application offering include:

  • Payroll Management Detailed Salary records preparation of all the associates in organization
  • Calculated Salary Slips month – on month  and emailing as scheduled
  • Salaries based on the man hours usage
  • Calculate employee regulatory deductions, allowances, advance salaries, loans, performance bonuses, annual appraisals, arrears etc for employees
  • Facility to customize employee pay structures & formats to suit corporate needs, in-line with employee interests
  • Create high level dash board reports for the management, giving an overall financial health of the company
  • Categorizations of employees based on allowances/deductions/benefits
  • Payroll management process integrated with the corporate infrastructure and automated to minimize human errors and reducing paperwork
  • Financial report outputs generated and exported in the desired formats for the intended stake holders
  • User friendly end user application interface with customizable features and functions

The TOPNOTCH Payroll application software can be integrated with the corporate infrastructure Or can be centrally hosted to be accessed by the authorized entities