A gate pass as the name suggests is the activity of the security personnel and is the focal point of an organization’s security set up. The gate pass is an essential document to monitor the Material movement in and out of an organization. Topnotch provides a unique module, which assists you in professionalizing the manner in which you control the Material flow of which the gate pass is an integral part.

The Material module directly addresses the gate pass issue by providing an exhaustive module that not only tracks movement of materials (as defined based on the business of the user), but also has the facility to generate auto escalation calls to the relevant Departmental Heads to report anomalies. Materials play a vital role in the profitability of your business organization. Topnotch is your answer to increasing cost effectiveness by satisfying your material tracking needs. And increase the efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of your businesses.

—  Record entry, exit of Visitors, Contract workers*, Vehicles* and Material*

—  Authorise all entries & Allow, Forward or Reject a request

—  Pass formats : Use from the database or design your own

—  Detailed onscreen and back-office MIS &  One day and long-duration, multi-entry passes

—  Custom data entry forms (fields and labels)Informative control centres – current visitors, visit history, waiting for authorisation, online users

—  Data Import: Users, departments, contract workers

—  Archive or Purge historic data

—  Intuitive and simple user interface for security users

—  User and Role definition