What is Enterprise Visitor Access Management System (EVAMS)?

In most organizations today, visitors just scribble a name in a paper guest book. With TSSIL EVAMS, relevant information about the visitors is captured in a secure database, including their photo, the name of the person being visited, the reason for the visit, and their entry and exit times. In less than five minutes, the person is professionally checked in and a Visitor Access Pass is automatically printed. Topnotch EVAMS can be used as Material Gate Pass Management, Property Management and Lost & Found (Investigation Management).

Why switch to EVAMS :

Paper guest books have been around forever. They are certainly cheap and easy to use. But the data  collected is usually incomplete, often difficult to read, and impossible to analyze. And perhaps more importantly, confidential information about who has recently visited your facility is out in the open and readily available to anyone who wants to flip through the book’s pages.

These drawbacks may have been acceptable up years ago, but post 9/11, tighter security is now a necessity. As part of the overall strategy to improve security, most experts are encouraging organizations to do a better job of keeping track of who is in their buildings and why.

Over the last several years, thousands of organizations, both large and small, public and private, have discovered the many benefits of replacing the outdated paper log with secure, electronic visitor management system.