Over the last several years, thousands of organizations, both larger and small, public and private, have discovered the many benefits of replacing the outdated paper log with secure, electronic visitor management system.

—  Securing the Work place more Robustly

—  Streamlining the Visitor check-in process.

—  Capturing the Visitor, Material & Property Information More accurately and automatically.

—  Being able to easily perform analysis and reporting on Visitors, Material & Property data across multiple Locations.

—  Keeping visitors and the company Information Confidential.

—  Enhancing the organization’s Image and making Visitors and Employees feel Safer.

—  Networking multiple locations together to show a single visitor Database

E-VAMS is designed considering basic need of proper record Management of Visitor, Material & Property. The Basic Idea is to replace the paper and non productive Visitor, Material & Property Management, with ready to scrutiny’ Database created by E-VAMS, which can be further used by Management or HR for Audit.