Companies today are confronted on ever increasing amount of documents and are expected to manage them with little or no additional resources for capital expenditures, software or staffing. The need to automate processes and eliminate paper has never been more pressing. Companies are recognizing the potential of automation to reduce costs and improve management. Additionally, they know that the transition from manual and expensive paper-based processes to more efficient processing can be achieved only if they take first step of automation, the elimination of paper from the process. TOPNOTTCH SOFTTSOL Document Management Services provides customers access to advanced technologies which provides security, improve process efficiencies and reduce costs without the need to making large capital investments or the requirement of internal technical resources. Additionally, companies’ current fixed costs for document management are converted into variable costs through TOPNOTTCH SOFTTSOL transactional pricing. TOPNOTTCH SOFTTSOL ability to leverage its technology investments, process efficiencies, and managed labor pool enables TOPNOTTCH SOFTTSOL to offer services which result in high ROIs and level of service for customers.

TOPNOTTCH SOFTTSOL Document Management Services have been developed based on its expertise and domain expertise to meet the needs of customers.
These document management services include:

    • Document Indexing
    • Physical Audit
    • Bar-coding
    • Data Entry
    • Scanning
    • System Audit
    • Doc Archive
    • Archive Link
    • Conversion includes scanning and indexing, PDF creation, CDs

Individual services can be selectively implemented or combined together either at time of initial implementation or a later time to achieve even higher levels of automation and to derive even greater cost savings and benefits. All documents whether they be in paper form, emails, faxes or EDI are converted into a common consistent PDF, TIFF thus driving the transformation of disparate systems and processes into centralized system which can be streamlined and optimized. Services are fitted to customers based on their adoption readiness, comfort and financial considerations.

Among services and solutions, we offer:

  • Document design
  • Document reengineering
  • Electronic forms creation
  • Application and database development and maintenance
  • Document management software integration
  • Production management

Our document management services aid in our customer’s success by:

  • Reducing storage and handling costs
  • Streamlining and improving processes
  • Safeguarding documents and information
  • Increasing the availability of documents and availability
  • Improving visibility and controls

TOPNOTTCH SOFTTSOL team is responsive, dedicated, and highly trained to deliver customer satisfaction